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Most of us interior-junkies just love to browse Pinterest or Tumblr for hours dreaming about beautiful kitchen. But sometime in life it is actually time to renovate and start on a clean, chic slate. Obviously we’re talking kitchen renovations here, and if you could go as big, bold and glam as you would like, which one of these kitchen would you splurge out on? Personally I’m drawn to the more sleek kitchen, good lighting, unique marble tops and cabinets without any knobs. There is just something so not chic with pulling a cabinet with a big old knob haha.
Also please forgive me for any sad feelings by the end of this post what you do not live in a flat with these kitchen, I can assure you I’m feeling the same way…

Okay enough of the small talk, let’s get started.

interior 3Here we have the perfect example of kitchen meeting living room/dining area. This solution is perfect for when you want to combine the kitchen with other living areas, either if you’re apartment is more city sized or if you want to create a more social feeling.

A neutral color palette is just so in right now!! And it will never go out of style. I’m living for these cabinets and that huge marble splash-back is just a statement piece right there. It’s like saying “Hey I’m rich but I’m classy about it” hehe…

dark and masculine
super sleek manly kitchen
Perfect place for a bachelor tech entrepreneur kinda guy.

kitchen vibesThis kitchen is refined luxury, it got a masculine yet sleek touch to it. Architecture digest kinda vibe.

dark woodForget about marble, black wood is the new thing. Remember where you read it ;)

e804301ee11f949c9b540ed582b825e7marble mabness
modern meets marble
Just kidding! Who could ever forget about marble, even though I must say it’s been used a bit excessive lately, where ever you look, instagram, blogs and real estate websites it’s just a lot of marble…
There are more stone options out there and at least other options of marble. I think I can speak for a lot of us when I say, please no more carrera marble it’s enough now.

kitchen vibes
kitchen vibes2
This is just what I was referring to when I said there are other options than carrera marble. Look at this gorgeous stone, that in a neutral color gives the apartment a fresh, trendy and modern feeling. Like a new york upper east side meets Scandinavian design, best of both worlds really.

bronze baby
These cabinets are for real the coolest I’ve ever seen. This does not even look like a kitchen but a piece of art.

marble back splash

rustic kitchensAll of these kitchens are perfect for houses or high end countryside/summer houses. The crisp wooden floor together with white walls gives these kitchen a rustic and cosy feeling.

rural kitchen vibesHow cute is this little bench!?kitchen interior 3kitchen rusticI know what I said earlier, knobs are over and everything, but in some cases, like more rustic themed kitchen and in brass/gold hardware, it looks lovely.classic and elegant
beige and brass
If a more traditional style is your thing then check out this beauty, beige + gold hardware, a very classy combo.

kitchen meetings living roomclassic in greenOr why not green?

gorgeous kitchenThis quirky kitchen just looks like the place you want to make some tea, scones and snuggle up in front of an upon fire, right?
affordable luxury
Here is my little complications where all the cabinets are from IKEA.

kitchen ikea voxtorpThe Voxtorp cabinets.

ikea kitchen 3ikea kitchenikea kitchen 2light it upperfect ligthning
Okay so let’s talk serious for once, the most crucial mistake people make when decorating their kitchen is forgetting all the cool and elegant lighting fixtures to add!
People think a few simple spotlights under the cabinets and in the ceiling is enough but no, there are so much more to literally light up your kitchen to the next level.
International interior designers are much better at this and Sweden/Scandinavian are light years behind hehe.

armani kitchenThis Armani kitchen with lighting underneath the counter top is just to die for. And look at that neutral toned marble!

Lightning underneath the cabinets, so high tech.

international luxury
Lots of spotlights under each and every cabinets or shelf.


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  1. Rebecca
    02/03/2018 / 09:41

    Massa fina kök! Håller med om att många är dåliga på belysning, men det kan vara knepigt att få till alla morderna lösningar.

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