summer dresses 2016 Mischief Corset Laced Dress
How gorgeous is this dress on a scale to 1-10!? I would say a 100!! It is so chic, elegant yet it looks fun and edgy, the best of two worlds.
It is safe to say that platforms have officially made a comeback, and thank god for that! It will save a lot of lovely ladies feets all over the world from a lot of pain…
I love platforms regardless if they are wedges perfect for summer or high heeled platformed sandals like this photo. However I would stay away from the most extreme platforms, I think between 8-12 cm is the perfect height.
I feel that all heels over 11-12 cm just looks a bit tacky to be honest. It does not give off a very classy vibe to say the least.
But sometimes it can look just smashing, like the girl in the photo above. She has styled the Mischief Corset Laced dress impeccably. Now I am wishing this dress would turn up in my closet <3
summer dresses 2016 Mischief Corset Laced Dress


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