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Hi dolls! Hope you all are having a good start of the week. I got up a bit earlier today to get some things done and then I had some of my two favorites things, salted caramel macarons and chai latte. I know, I know, sugar overdose!!
I started the day so good with just a diet shake and then onto this haha! My H♥ is kinda on me about eating less sugar and eating for food instead, anyone who have read my blogs back in the days surely remember how bad I use to eat. But H actually makes me eat much more food than before and I am trying to cut down on the sugar but it is just so hard. I barely drink and when I do it is very little and only wine, I don’t smoke, I don’t eat junk food (except the occasional french fries side dish) and I never overeat. But sugar, that is my weak spot. Through some periods of months and once a whole year, I stopped eating sugar. It went really, really well until I was at a birthday party and I had a piece of cake and then I was screwed again. Totally hooked on sugar again.
I manage to go a while without sugar this spring because me and H had a bet *hint hint* (lol!!) but then we went to dinner and I had dessert and yeah, that did not help…

I think if you are addicted to sugar you can’t just have once piece like “normal” people do. You need to stop completely before you learn how to control it.
I watched that documentary sugar a while back but I never finished the whole hour. I need to finish watching that documentary because it was so interesting.
I think I am going to make an effort of cutting down on sugar and then stopped completely for like a month or two again. Any sugar-addicts out there? And if so, how is it going for you?
Xx Louise



  1. Nadine
    17/05/2016 / 06:13

    OMG sockerberoende måste vara något gemensamt för skorpionen haha! Jag tränar så jävla hårt men ibland känns det som att det inte spelar roll för jag äter ändå massa socker haha. Kan inte hålla mig. Pommes ska vi inte ens tala om..

  2. Maria
    19/05/2016 / 11:46

    Vad hände med din grekiska pojkvän ?

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