swatching and blending

Okay so I thought I would do a post with a few quick tips on how to transform your make up look from average to superglam. With good products, some exercise, inspiration and planning it is possible to make your look like it’s done by a professional make up artist.

After all, I think a lot of the most talented people in make up are self thought. I do not believe you need to attend some school that tells your how to blend or what eye shadows to match. The only times your need to do that is when you are doing costume make up (aka movie and theatre make up) since that is a whole another level of make up and applications, and products that are used for that are not even sold in regular stores.

So first of all, look at different inspiration photos. E.g have a look at this post I made before or this one. Then decide what look you want to go for. Next, plan which products you are going to use. Do not leave it last minute and just bring out your make up bag 1 hour before going to a party and hope you find the right colours and application techniques. The right way to start is to look for the right eye shadows colours with the right amount of glitter/shimmer or matte if you prefer that. Then lay out all the products you need and start swatching and blending. When I want to create a new make up look I make a swatch of the different colours together and blend it to see how the colours work together. Just have a look at these photos, I am planning a bronze tutorial to post soon and I wanted to see how these different colours and brands worked together. In the photo I have blended shadows 4 different shadows from Sensai and L’oréal. And you can see the colours melting together, so beautiful and a perfect way to know what colours work together. This is also a good way to see if you need to start with eye shadow primer or not.

Some eye shadows are high pigmented and don’t necessarily need eye shadow primer, while some shadows (e.g L’oréal & Maybelline) are not so high pigmented and always need a eye shadow primer to bring out the right colours.

swatching and blending


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