comfy on the beach
sporty at the beach
If you want to look chic on the beach and at the same time want to enjoy a nice long walk, why not dress a bit more sporty. This outfit is so cute and perfect for walks on the beach, some sightseeing or a long summer lunch.

tweed and sneakers
tweed and sneakers2
This is a typical “Louise” outfit. I love combining sneakers and tweed jackets, matter of fact I am obsessed with tweed jackets. There use to be a store i Knightsbridge next to Harrods that sold the most amazing long and short tweed jackets. I only bought two because I thought I could always come back later and by more. But when I came back my summer break the shop had closed, so sad :( The jackets looked exactly like the one in the photo, which is probably Chanel and way more expensive :P

shirt dress
silk maxi
There is nothing more elegant and sofisticated than a lovely silk maxi dress for summer nights. Silk makes any item feel and look more expensive regardless what brand it is from, so look for silk dresses like this one or flowly silk maxi skirts if you want to make you outfit look more luxorious.

office chic
office glam1
In the summer even office wear can look glam and fun! A cute knitted dress together with a smart jacket or blazer is the perfect way to go while dressing for work. Great look if you are going for dinner after as well.

metallic pink
metallic jeans
Metallic jeans are def making a come back this season. Last time metallic jeans were a big trend was back in 2011 and it is a fun way to dress up a look while still wearing jeans.

lambo loving
ripped jeans
Hi top wedge sneakers and a pair of ripped jeans and you are good to go on the colder summer day.

lace love
lovely lace
Lace pants, lace top, lace dresses, lace is more trendy than ever! If you are only going for one lace item this season make it the seethrough lace pants what have sewed in white shorts underneath. Can be worn both day and night time and perfect when it is warm outside but you still don’t want to wear a short skirt or shorts.

lace dress
white maxi

I feel white dresses are best for the beach, resorts or while visiting warmer countries like e.g the french riviera, barcelona or the italian cost. A bohemian lovely look that looks gorgeous on holiday. I would not wear it in a big city like London, New York etc though, it is more beach and than city this look.

jeans jacket
demin jacket
Demin jackets have been popular pretty much every summer since 2008 when they came back in style. I love wearing it both during day and night. Just like in the outfit above, a demin jacket is a great for dressing down a party dress or outfit and making it look chic yet missmatched. It really gives it a touch of summer as well.

evening wear
On fabolous vacation somewhere in Europe? If you feel like looking glam why not throw on a gorgeous evening outfit, skip the heels and wear a pair of flats or just go all in white the heels, hair and make up. A maxi skirt is the perfect way to look glam during the day, it is all about how you match it.

gold and chunky heels
chunky heels
Chunky heels is back! I love this look when the chunky and quite big shoes are matched with clothes that are more fitting, like a bodycon or bandage skirt and a figure hudding top.

fancy in florals
fancy in florals2
Nothing say summer like a flowy, sliky floral dress. So feminine and elegant, I need a dress like this. Perfect for a lunch with the girls or during a date.

dress wedges
My favourite shoes, wedges! Perfect to dress up any outfit during the day and so comfy when you go out for dinners, drinks and clubbing at night.

cute and chic
feminine elegance

A top or jumper in a soft colour (peach, nude, beige, white, pink) combined with a skater skirt is perfect when you want to look feminine and girly at the same time. To make the look more glam throw on a statement necklace over the top/jumper. Just make sure the skirt is not too short as that would ruin the elegant look and make it look cheap.

Photos: nenaaristocat, dollmatova, veronikaorchid, tetyamotya, tatianafuks, christina_levi



  1. Linnéa
    26/06/2015 / 04:36

    Heej! Klickade mig in på din blogg och blev genast inspirerad! Såg ditt fina lace-set med vit byxa och matchande top som du hade på midsommar (?). Det var iallfall helt underbart! Vart kommer det ifrån?! Underbar blogg!

    Kram Linnéa

  2. Ida
    04/07/2015 / 08:25

    Älskar detta inslag! Sån inspo vill ha mer. Även dina outfitinlägg uppskattas mycket :)

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