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Hi dolls,
I’ve been feeling so conflicted lately, mainly about what I am going to do with my blog. I’ve debated it over and over again in my head. One thing I have decided is that for now I will only focus on writing about beauty, make up and inspiration (mainly interior) but also health and health tips. Might even take up food blogging again!
I never felt totally comfortable with writing about my self like so many other bloggers do, maybe in the future this feeling will change and I want to share more. I do miss the days when my blog RightNow use to be totally anonymous and nobody knew it was me. This was back in 2006-2007 and it was so liberating to just write freely, not that I wrote anything particularity interesting or personal, it was just a feeling of being anonymous that I liked.

There is one thing I kind of miss writing and that is my debate post, may it be to warn you dolls about some dangerous beauty products, things to avoid or how to get rid of fake people in your life.
I used to write a lot of these posts before but in Swedish. I think it’s time to bring this back, I have discovered that a very famous skincare brand that are sold in big stores and online stores contain formaldehyde in ALL of their skin care products!! Also many big bloggers have been doing collabs with them which is so disgusting, they are getting paid to write about a brand that has a known cancerous ingredients in it. How can you sleep at night knowing you are promoting something dangerous to your readers, seriously annoys me…

I have also discovered that one of Sweden’s most famous pharmacy’s are currently selling two  products (from two different brands) both containing cancerous ingredients. One of them is formaldehyde and the other one is palm oil. Yeah I think I found my calling again lol, it is time to uncovered some nasty parts about this beauty industry that actually makes people sick… Stay tuned dolls stay tuned xoxo Louise








  1. Hannah
    07/05/2017 / 11:58

    Miss your posts Louise

  2. Frida
    08/05/2017 / 08:24

    Hoppas du mår bra fina <3

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