smashbox contour trio stick

Smashbox step-by-step contour sticks. Three chunky make up pencils that makes contouring very easy and most of all, very quick! It comes in a sleek black packaging for the price of 415SEK/34USD.
There are two brown shades for contouring and bronzing and one lighter color for highlighting.

These pencils are so smooth and creamy, they literally slide over the skin without leaving any harsh lines in the foundation underneath or mess up the rest of the base products. However the texture is thick enough to stay in it’s place while blending, we all know it’s a fine line between those contouring products that are just way too creamy so it smears all over the face or those that are to harsh like powder (ugh no fan of contour powders!) that leave dark lines over the face.

I really like the fact that that these pens (or sticks as Smashbox calls it) are so easy to work with! It literally takes a few seconds to contour and highlight the face as you can see on the photo above.
The blending parts of course takes a bit more time, but the application is great! These pens are also great to do contouring of the nose and I love to use the lighter shade over my top lip before using lip liners to give it a fuller look. I will show photos of how I contour and highlight my lips with before and after photos in a separate blog posts later!

Can be a little bit tricky to sharpen these without too much products disappearing “into” the pencil sharpener. Guess that’s the price you have to pay to get a smooth product in pencil form :))

I definitely think this is a great contouring product and worth a buy! Especially if you are looking for a product that is easy to work with and won’t be to tricky to apply. You really just need these and a beauty blender.
It might not be the most wallet-friendly contouring product out there so I will add it’s worth a buy if you can afford it :)) Also if you want to do more advanced contouring with like 5 different colors then these pens probably won’t be enough. However unless you are a professional make up artist that needs a large selection of colors to choose from due to the variation of skin tones then that wouldn’t be a concern.



  1. Justine
    13/03/2017 / 11:02

    Lovely post Louise, love your feed as well!

  2. Suzanne
    15/03/2017 / 07:15

    Your eye make up is flawlesssssss!! Please share product details babe xx S

  3. Malin
    21/03/2017 / 11:14

    Häftigt du är så duktig på smink!

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