the beauty issue hair mask review shu uemura hair mask review
Hair masks, the holy grail of hair care, the options of hair masks today are endless. There seems to be one for every type of hair, color and need. So how do you filter out the good ones from the bad? It’s quite tricky to be honest, and all the reviews coming in from all different types of direction isn’t really helping anymore. There is talks about the sulfates, the silicone and all the other bad stuff beauty brands like to put in their hair care products.
I do prefer natural hair care products and argan oil over using regular hair masks, however once in a while it’s nice to give your hair an extra boost so it looks really shiny and healthy.
For those times I really love Shu Uemuras hair treatments.

I started trying out Shu Uemuras products since my hairdresser offer all of Shu Uemuras products and masks to her customers. I noticed how soft and silky my hair was after my hair dresser Sofia had applied one of their masks and wanted to give the products a proper trial at home.
So what to expect from this mask?
It makes your hair feels super soft and silky (even after just one application), extra shiny, as well as feeling that the hair is less frizzy and stronger.

The perfect luxurious hair treatment for dyed/bleached/frizzy hair and also a good mask to use during the summer months. A note of caution, this product is quite pricey so if you are on a tight budget a bottle of pure argan oil (around 200SEK) will do just as much for your hair as this mask ♥


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