nude lips tutorial how to get perfect nude lips

Nude lips have always been my favorite and I can probably count the times that I have tried something else on one hand lol! I think I have rocked red lips twice in my entire life. I just love all shades of pink, beige/nude, mauve and gold. Here are some of the products I am going to try out in the nearest future.
However there are two of the products I have already tried and they are some of my absolute favorite lip products. So of course I had to include them in this post.

First there is the Clarins lip gloss (the tube in the middle with gold cap), it is called Clarins Instant light natural lip perfector. Now try saying that really was a few times hahah!
This is a lipgloss that is something in between a lip balm and a lip gloss. It does not try out the lips at all and it gives such a nice shimmery look. I hate when you use lip gloss, then you are going to kiss your BF and the your lips are literally a disgrace because they are so dry haha! I love the color 01 rose shimmer and 03 nude shimmer.

I also love the big lip liner called Color Drama from Maybelline. It seriously looks like you had done some lip filler when you use this with just some shimmery nude gloss on top, crazy!nude lips tutorial how to get perfect nude lips


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