my beauty empties shu uemura color lustre
A fairly new concept in the blog world is listing your “Beauty Empties” meaning products you have used up and would buy again. I would say it’s is just another and perhaps creative way in listing what products you like and would invest in time and time again.
For me I love classic things like argan and coconut oil, Bodyshops hemp lip balm, a lip balm from La Roche-Posey and Sephora lip liner among a few products I buy over and over again.

However back to my beauty empties, I started trying out the color lustre series from Shu Uemura a few months ago and loved it!
It literally makes your hair look like the girls in a Hollywood romantic comedy movie. You know the girls with perfectly voluminous and trimmed hair that just glows as the winds blows through their hair. I’m sure you all have a scene from a Jennifer Lopez or perhaps even legally blonde movie in your mind hehe (if you don’t then that’s what I’m referring to lol!).

I didn’t take me very long until I had used up both the conditioner and mask on my long hair and I’m in love with these products. Now I’m really curious to try out the other series from Shu Uemura.

To get the full effect out of these products I would recommend that you try both the shampoo, conditioner and most importantly the hair mask. If you could only buy one or two of the products I would say go for the conditioner and hair mask and skip the shampoo.
Not that the shampoo is not good but it is really the conditioner and hair masks that do the real magic when it comes to hair care!


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