starbucks ice latte macchiato marble kitchen topGood morning dolls!
Last night was a bit of a mess and I barely slept anything at all. So currently I am super tired but I am trying to make the most out of it and get things done since I have been up sooo early. I have been drinking one of my all time favorites from Starbucks all morning, I remember when I first moved to London properly to live there, it was in 2011 and I was first living in Chelsea bridge wharf and I always use to go down to the small supermarket and buy these cold coffee drinks <3
So many lovely memories from that time! Today I am going to get lots of beauty blogging done so I can relax and just take photos this weekend. I also need to do my gel-manicure today, I am so picky about my manicures since I do them myself nowadays and I hate to let more than 2 weeks pass. I know that some people wait 3-4 weeks between their gel-manicures but I think it looks ugly after 1-2 weeks. I will show the results later :-)

Lots of love,


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