Micellar water

bioderma micellar water

As time goes by more and more brands are launching their own versions of this clear make up removing water. But what the heck is really micellar water!?

Well it turns out that micellar water (which originally comes from France) is made out of tiny oil molecules suspended in soft, clean water. It is the small oil molecules that are in fact the micelles. Okay so it’s oil blended with water but done in a unique way, at least that’s my spontaneous take on it. Oil is an excellent make up remover and it is also hydrating so the claims on the bottle to be both make up removing and hydrating does not sound so groundbreaking then. Instead of creating a foamy solution that may be very harsh towards the skin this water feels more gentle and soothing. It states on the bottle to leave the solution on afterwards but I have always washed it off. it is just something with leaving a cleanser on my face that feels slightly wrong.

“The technology of it is actually quite old, dating back from research at the University of Bristol in 1913. Micelles are attracted to dirt, grime, and oil, and they draw out impurities without drying out your skin” explains dermatologist & Simple skincare expert Dr. Debra Luftman.
micellar water
There is also three different colors of micelles waters, pink for daily as make up remover, blue to moisturizes skin or remove waterproof make up, green to combats oily skin and only to be used in areas with blemishes.

So far I have only tried these waters by the french brand Bioderma. I’ve tried all three colors now and my favoruite are the pink and green one. However I’m sad to discovered I think the pink one is causing my skin to break out. Or it is the foundation I have been using before removing the make up :'(
My skin have become quite sensitive during the last months few months and it feels like every time I use foundation my skin breaks out (so annoying). I wouldn’t want to put anyone off trying the pink micellar water from Bioderma.
I do love the soothing way it removes make up so I won’t be switching to a regular make up remover anytime soon, but I might need to try out different brands and also a new foundation to see what’s the cause of the break outs.








  1. Alexandra
    06/05/2017 / 02:20

    Har varit sugen på testa de där ett tag men inte gjort slut på mina rengöringsprodukter som jag använder nu. de torkar ut huden så mycket så vore skönt slippa se risig ut efter man tagit av sminket

  2. jass
    10/05/2017 / 09:32

    loving the marble background

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