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Okay let’s talk about taupe lips, my current obsession! First there were the nude lip, now it got some fierce competition of the slightly darker beige/nude color, taupe!
I love taupe because it gives the same statement look as red lips but far more flattering (regardless of your skin tone or hair color) and it looks more natural.
I personally do not like red lips on anybody, I think it looks so harsh and unnatural. I would say nude and pink lips are the only OK lip colors to wear. I do believe every single woman looks better with a sheer nude och pink lip than red.
Bold statement, I know, but I 100% stand by it. I would stretch so far as light coral with a nude undertone with lots of shimmer for the summer when you are really tanned, but a part from that pink and nude is the way to go!

I love the L’oréal nude palette, the top color that’s light beige is gorgeous but the color that’s most taupe is the second up from the bottom. Btw, the lighest nude color in the palette is a dupe of this Kylie Cosmetics lipgloss, check out my post here to read more.
how to get taupe lips smashbox maybelline

L’oréal lip palette nude, Smashbox legendary lipstick in Chai, Maybelline Color Drama Nude Perfection, Max Factor lip liner 







  1. Cassandra
    06/04/2017 / 10:32

    vilken av produkterna skulle du säga är mest täckande? vill gärna hitta ett läppstift eller läppglans som är täckande men inte ser torrt ut. inte som matte lips man ser överallt på instagram men inte genomskinligt. vore snällt om du orkade svara!

  2. Bella
    07/04/2017 / 01:24

    Så roligt att du börjat uppdatera mer igen <3

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