mac pro longwear concealer review nw15Okay dolls it is time for another concealer review! I know concealers for the eye area that covers up/hides dark circles have been requested for a long time now.
I have been using the Glo Minerals under eye concealer and the Mac cream concealer nc15 for a while now but I felt that they crease so much and they don’t last very long to be honest! After about 2-3 hours a touch up is very much needed and if the mascara is not dry it will for sure be underneath the eyes after a while as well.
I still love the Glo Minerals concealer. You can read my previous posts about it here and here (in swedish though).

I wanted to try out the Mac Pro Longwear concealer for a while now. I got recommended to try NW15 instead of NC15 and I do not know why I used that light color all along. NW15 is way better and I am actually going to get a shade dark as well to blend depending on how bronzed the rest of my make up is.

So to my verdict! I looove this product, literally I am floored. I have only one question to myself and that is WHY did I not buy this sooner!?
It is perfect for us approaching an older age (it hurts my heart to write this and I can’t believe the day has come…) and don’t want the concealer to crease in the corner of the eye and give the impression of wrinkles around the eyes. This product is really great if you have fine lines around the eye area since it is so light and have the same texture as a foundation.
I use the Dermalogica eye cream (I swear this is the best eye cream EVER!), it is silky smooth and not only does it work great as an eye cream, it is the best eye concealer primer and it is a unknown beauty hack for many professional make up artists.

It creates the perfect base and moisturizes the area underneath the eye making fine lines less noticeable. After applying the Dermalogica eye cream I applied the mac concealer with a beauty blender (this one to be exact) and gently dapped all underneath the eyes. One coat worked fine as coverage but as I wanted to try out how long it would last I double coated the area very gently. Now almost 10 hours later the concealer is still perfect and there is really no need to touch it up, unless you are doing a close up photo shoot or something ;)
I do think it covers up dark circles very well, just make sure you choose the right shade for you and look for a color that is more warm in the tone as blue/green undertones makes dark circles appear more!

mac pro longwear concealer review nw15



  1. Liza
    02/10/2015 / 04:46

    Amazing! I’ve been after a good under eye concealer that won’t crease.

    What powder do you use to set the concealer with? Apparently the Ben Nye powders but I’ve only seen them online x

    • Louise Adolphson
      02/10/2015 / 06:45

      Hi Liza! :) Actually I did not use any powder to set it while trying it out for this review, I wanted to see how well it lasted on “it’s own”. Sometimes I use glo minerals finish powder (it is quite transperant) to set the foundation or concealer. Haven’t tried ben nye either, need to check them out Xx Louise

  2. 05/10/2015 / 11:10

    Älskar den! Har du testat NARS radiant creamy concealer ? Den är också superskön på :)

    • Louise Adolphson
      05/10/2015 / 07:47

      Linda: Nej faktiskt inte tack för tipset ska spana in den :) Kram Louise

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