lip colours for spring summer 2015

Soft and shimmery pink lips are a perfect option regardless of the season. At least if you ask me! But now a lot of make up artists are finally embracing the most classic and gorgeous lip make up, a glossier look with more shimmer and in lighter colours. Finally something else than matte lipstick and the Kylie Jenner lips really needs to stop, so it is a good that more make up artists starts embracing natural and classic make up looks. Instead of these harsh looks with way too much make up that you can see all over instagram. A lighter shade of lip gloss also gives an optical illusion of bigger lips without any excessive lip liner or overdrawn lips. Light pinks colours also works with every type of eye make up, skin tone, hair colour and lip size.

Here are three different options and shades of pink perfect for summer.

loreal le gloss infallible 2015

L’oréals latest lipgloss – Le Gloss Infallible (Colour number 3 in the photo)

It comes in four different types, cotton matte, neon, dazzle and cream. I haven’t had time to try all of them yet but colour wise this one is a clear favourite! It is from the Dazzle “family”, it is shiny, glossy, creamy and sparkly, just the way I like it! This is the perfect colour for going out in the summer. Combined with tanned skin and shimmery soft bronzed eye make up it’s a winner.

sensai  rouge instense lastin colour  usurio

Sensai Rouge Intense Lasting Colour – Usurio

A super creamy lipstick meets lip balm product! The colours is very rich and creamy and gives a nice glossy feeling without that lipgloss feeling. Perfect when you do not want a greasy gloss but still wants shiny lips with a lot of moisutre. Perfect when you want to wear a statement lip but skip all the classic red and dark colours. This colours suits all skin colours but I would not recommend heavy eye make up with this colours since it’s kind of heavy. This would look great with nude eyes, winged eyeliner and super long lashes.

clarins instant light lip balm perfector 03

Clarins Instant Light Lip balm Perfector – My pink 03

The perfect glossy lip balm! I love Clarins lip products because most of them are a combo of lipgloss and lip balm. This balm contains a special formula of both shea butter and mango, supposedly making the lips softer, glowing and giving them a fuller appearance. The colours are so pretty as well! This lip balm is a part of Clarins summer collection 2015.


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