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Laura Mercier Limited Edition Holiday – Fall in Love Face Illuminator Collection Palette

On top of my beauty wish list is this glow palette from Laura Mercier. Four bomb highlighters that looks like a piece of art. Seriously I wouldnt even use them just keep them on my little marble tray as decoration and look at it haha!
Before I have only been a fan of liquid highlighters, but recently I have become infatuated with powder highlighters. Mostly because the effect can (sometimes) be more noticeable but mianly due to the fact that creme especially liquid highlighters tend to swipe of the foundation underneath. Even the most gentle dabbing with a beauty blender can remove the foundation which is oh so annoying and let’s not even talk about those chunky strobing sticks every half famous IG account are blogging about.
Strobing sticks are amazing if you want a natural look but avoid them if you have a full coverage base.

Some quick highlighting facts

♥ Liquid and creme highlighters only works well with fluid foundations as a base. Also do not apply a liquid highlighter on top of a matte base foundation.

♥ Powder highlighters works best over full coverage foundation and matte foundations. It will be a nightmare to blend a powder highlighter on top of a dewy, glowing foundation as the powder will stick to the foundation chunks and look like cakey spots of glitter, not a good look.

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