glosses by kylie jenner kylie cosmetics lip gloss

Like Literally So Cute (The names of the new glosses)

Kylie Jenner literally just dropped the coolest make up commercial. I love the slow motion sceens and all the effort that was put into this. The lightning is amazing too. Such a shame the glosses and lipkits by Kylie Cosmetics are impossible to get your hands on. I tried a few times when they had a restock, I managed to put them in my shopping basket but when I clicked check out/pay straight away they had already sold out in a matter of seconds, crazy!!
As a hard core beauty junkie I am obviously very bummed about this, but maybe when the hype have calmed down it will be easier to buy them!
They are launching 1st of April (tomorrow) but I am not sure what time though.

And congrats to Kylie Jenner for making her brand such a big success, she is really doing the most out of her celebrity status and non of her sister had the same success with their brand launches. So it is very well done!


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