I think one of the most popular request or questions I’ve been getting for a while now as a beauty blogger/MUA is;
“What’s your favorite lip liner?”

I’m planning on a special post about all my faves but until then I thought I would reveal my most recent favorite that has blown me away.
It’s non other than the Kylie Cosmetics lip liner! I love the formula, the color and the pigment. It’s highly pigmented and this lip liner is the BOMB to do that nude, slightly overdrawn lip look with.
My fave color is Koko K, it looks so natural and work great with both nude and pink lipglosses and lipsticks.
However exposed I’m guessing would go better with a darker skin tone, olive skin tone and darker.
It gives a very harsh edge if you are as pale as I am (might work with a dark spray tan though…).
I’m gonna order the Dolce K and Candy K as single lip liners because I hate liquid lipsticks so def not getting those!
So to the conclusion – Is this product worth the shipping costs and waiting time? Yes 100%!

Update: I changed my mind, it is not my fave lip liner anymore! What happened was that the entire inside of the lipliner literally just slides out of the black pencil when I pick it up to use it. I never experienced such a low quality before and I tried sooo many lip liners throughout my years as a beauty blogger. I emailed KylieCosmetics and they said they’re gonna send a new one out after I complained twice… So let’s wait and see if the new one is the same poor quality!



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