kylie-cosmetics-koko-k-lip-kit review

Okay dolls! It is time to get down and dirty, meaning a brutally honest make up review. As you can always expect when you read my posts and reviews, I don’t sugar coat it. And I may be as cocky to say, I started Sweden’s first real beauty and make up blog so I have been around for a loooong time and tried CRAZY amounts of products.

I started off trying out Kylie Cosmetics lip glosses in Literally and So Cute.
I like the colors and formula, but the brushes ended up being all wack, however after some make up media attention Kylie Cosmetics sent out new lipglosses to everyone that ordered from the first batch, so that problem was solved.

Then I ordered two lip kits, Posie K and Koko K. They are not nude as one would guess they are, instead they are more pink/purple!

My first impression as a make up connoisseur?
Pricey and a glossy, lovely packaging.
The formula of the lip kit is totally crazy and basically waterproof.
When you first apply the liquid lipsticks it glides on the lips really well, smoothly and perfectly.
Together with the lip liner it seems like a dream for the gals wanting to overdraw the lips.
But then, a few minutes later something happens to the lips, they just DRY up.
It is like the lips are suddenly becoming drier, smaller and all the tiny little wrinkles that you normally can’t see on the lips, they become sooo visible.
To be honest it looks kinda nasty and it feels really sticky to wear. I remember when I first tried a liquid lipstick, it was by MaxFactor and I was 17-18 (so 9 years ago) and I remember it being all dry and started to become flaky as the hours passed by. Since then I have not been so keen on trying out liqiuid lipsticks, but due to the hype I just could not resist.

I have now realized and understood that all the amazing photos taken of liquid lipsticks (in general, not only by Kylie Cosmetics) must be taken just after the product have been applied, before the formula dries up the lips.
When I had the product on my lips it felt like they were hard to move, like I had paint on my lips that had started to dry, it felt weird to drink and the last thing I would ever want to do is kiss my BF with that on my lips.
Actually I think he would be slightly scared if he saw me with this on lol!!


Now to the color…
Lovely gorgeous colors, nothing wrong there. I would say perfect for very fair skin tones as this special shades of pink/purple/nude might look cool for fall, but darker skin tones would of course look good in them as well.

So my conclusion
I’m in LOVE with the lip liner Koko K. It is truly perfection. I’m going to get several more of Kylie Cosmetics lip liners as I’m in love with the formula and I really want to try out Dolce K and Candy K.
The pigmentation is just gorgeous and it matches my lip color so well and it really covers the lips and the skin around the lips, making it ideal when wanting overdraw the lips a little bit (don’t go overboard with it though ladies).

However liquid lipsticks are nothing for me… Especially not the matte ones!
I would say if you want your lips looking moist, juicy and gorgeous, go with the Kylie lipglosses or lipglosses in general and not liquid lipsticks.
Liquid lipsticks are simply not as flattering as you think it will look. However I’m sure they work great as a man repeller (hehehe)…


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