I do have a thing for nude nails and I ordered a few gel polished a while ago that finally arrived just before Christmas. I wanted to do something different however and I ended up blending to colors together, so I first put a glittery bright pink gel as the first coat and then topped it off with 2 thin layers of sheer nude on top. It turned out soooo amazing and I think this is my favorite manicure I have ever done!
I do my nails myself nowadays, I just got tired of going to salons that usually have very poor hygienic routine. By doing my nails myself I have full control of everything being done the right way and also in a very hygienic way.
I think I would really enjoy doing nails every day tbh, it is so much fun. Before it took me about 2-2 hours in total to get the gel coating off the both hands, prep and paint it with about 4-5 layers and curate between every layer. It always take much longer time when you only do one hand at once, but now when I got to lamps it went so much faster. Starting to look like a salon at my place lol!


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  1. Annika
    26/12/2016 / 11:08

    Vilka produkter använde du?

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