warm jackets for fall winter padded jackets

November is finally here (my favorite month of the year) and winter is just around the corner, at least if you live in northern Europe!

I love the fashion in the fall and winter. I know it can feel like you are wearing thousand layers and you feel kind of  puffy wearing all those sweaters. BUT I hate to freeze so I always dress really warm and make it a sport to try and combine staying warm and looking chic.
I hope I can give you dolls some of that inspiration. It is such a bum to think only thinner/lighter coats look nice and then you end up with a bad cold that never goes away.
I also feel this “trend” to wear less in the winter just to look “chic” is fueled by young fashion bloggers with no sense of reality and lack of maturity to think that showing young girls that going around in a leather jacket when it is 0 degrees is normal. When in fact I know most them change before they take their outfit photos and then put on warmer clothes after they are done taking the photos ;)

So I have made three categories, budget, affordable and luxury, so there is inspiration regardless of how much you want to spend ♥

 affordable budget coats jackets for fall winter 20151. Bomber jacket 2. Parkas 3. Parkas 4. Padded jacket 

affordable budget coats jackets for fall winter 20151. Parkas 2. Jacket 3. Nike bomber jacket 4. Shiny bomber jacket

 nike jeezy moncler liska fur affordable budget coats jackets for fall winter 2015

1. Military bomber jacket 2. Padded down jacket 3. Fur jacket
4. Padded jacket with fur


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