how to get glossy hair redken all soft hair mask redken blonde schampo

1. Redken All Blonde Sulfate Free Schampo 2. Bumble and Bumble All Style Blow Dry Creme
3. Redken All Soft Heavy Cream Treatment Mask

How to get glossy hair?
Boy oh boy have I researched this, and it comes down to these three little steps…

1. How often or should I say, how often you do not wash your hair. Washing your hair too often and with schampoos containgin sulfate will remove the natural oils in your scalp and in the end this will lead to drier and less glossy hair. Never wash you hair more than twice a week and try to skip using heavy styling products so you need to wash it more often.

2. Always using a hair treatment/mask every time you wash your hair. And if you can, at least once a week leave it on for 15-30 minutes. What I do is I first shampoo my hair, then gently towel dry the hair with either a soft towel or a tshirt (drying your hair with an old tshirt will prevent breakage) and then I use a looot of treatment all over my hair expect the roots.
Then I gently place my hair in a bun and but a supersoft scrunchie over it, and then put a shower cap over my head. The natural heat that develops inside the shower cap by wearing it for about half an hour will make the product work even better! I know you look kinda funny doing this but it is so worth it.

3. Using the right products and always moisturizing your ends with 100% natural argan oil. You can read more about argan oil in my posts here and here.
I have always written a very extensive hair guide here (in Swedish though, english one coming soon!).

Lately I have been trying out these products after my amazing hair dresser Sofia recommended them for me. And I must say I love them sooo much!
The styling creme from Bumble and Bumble is the first product I ever tried from that brand so I did’nt know what to believe about their products but I was blown away (literally, it is a blow dry creme lol!!).
I use the product in both the lengths and in the ends, but never in the hair along with my face or roots, don’t want to weigh my hair down. It is stated that the product should be applied while the hair is towel dried and after tried it on both wet and fairly dry hair I must say the best results come when you use it while you hair is wet.
I also tried it with my heat rollers and WOW! The curls lasted so much longer than usually and I did not even use almost any hair spray.

The All Soft heavy cream mask from Redken is just divine. It makes my hair so soft and so glossy! I can say this is the product you need to get if you want glossy hair! Even if your hair gets greasy easily, buy this product and just use it in the lenghts and ends and you will notice and a big difference.



  1. Angela
    09/04/2016 / 09:38

    Hur mycket kostar klipp och sling hos din frisör??

  2. Ci
    09/04/2016 / 11:51

    Hej Louise
    Jag letar efter schampoon utan SLS också men har inte hittat något bra ännu, har du några fler tips är detta för blondiner?

  3. Frida
    09/04/2016 / 01:19

    Bra tips :) är masken värd pengarna?

    • Louise Adolphson
      10/04/2016 / 12:07

      Jag tycker masken är grym men priset är ganska saftigt. Har man råd att investera i dyra hårprodukter så tycker jag absolut att den är värd pengarna, har men en mindre budget skulle jag satsa på billigt sulfat-fritt schampo (tex vanliga L’oréal) och en mask/treatment i medelprisklassen, alternativt om man kan passa på att köpa produkten när någon webshop har rabattkod eller erbjudande! Kram Louise

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