Currently I am eating mostly vegetarian food and I almost never eat or want to eat meat anymore. This is not an active decisions it just feels good to eat and live this way. To eat meat kind of gross me out to be honest. I am okay with eating chicken and fish however.

So I wanted to share with you guys a great and simple vegan snack, roasted chickpeas with paprika flavour, organic guacamole and organic sesame crackers. This is perfect for a light lunch or dinner, or together with a salad. Chickpeas and sesame seeds contains a lot of protein which is perfect for vegetarians/vegans and avocado contains healthy fat which the body needs.

♥ This snack is so simple and quick to make. Blend desired amount of organic chickpeas into a bowl with salt, pepper, paprika powder and olive oil. Mix it together and spread the chickpeas on a tray or a baking dish, put it in the oven for about 15-20 minutes on 150 degrees. They are suppose to get lightly roasted but absolutely not hard or burned.

♥ Meanwhile make the guacamole, use organic avocados and blend it well in a mixer or with a fork, add fresh lemon juice about 2 table spoons, a bit of paprika powder, pepper and a dash of guacamole seasoning. When the chickpeas are done serve in a bowl with the guacamole, some sesame crackers (got mine from Renee Voltaire) and sprinkle Renee Voltaire’s seaweed and sesame seeds topping called “Furikake“.If you can’t get the hold of this product, just buy roasted sesame seeds or roast them yourself in a frying pan with herbal salt.
If you want to add even more flavour, top it off with either some fresh pressed lemon juice or some soy sauce
If you try it let me know what you think :)
I am going to write a big update about my health journey the last 5 months and how living a more healthy lifestyle have affected the different aspects of my life! Now I am going to drink some healthy slimming herbal tea and watch some series, good evening babes!


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