So I thought it was time again for me to share some new, yummie and healthy recipes. I tried to find both dinner and lunch recipes, but also snacks and breakfast recipes to get inspired from :) Regardless if you are trying to stay in shape, eat healthier or lose weight, all these recipes are perfect for that. My health challenge is to eat less sugar and I go back and forth from not eating any sugar at all to eating sweets.

I love vegetarian food so most of the recipes I post are vegan and vegetarian. As I have written before I do not really feel like eating meat very often anymore. I can’t wait to try all the recipes below, especially all the healthy and yummie salad recipes. Salads are one of my¬†favorite dishes so I am always looking for new salad recipes to try out.

I do encourage more people to eat less meat and instead eat more veggies because it’s great for the body. Or at least I would recommend skipping all the “bad” carbs like pasta and bread and exchange it to better carbs like veggies if you want to eat healthier or try to cut down on your sugar intake. However, the only bad thing about not eating meat is the lack of iron. My iron levels are very low at the moment and I do not really know how to naturally eat more iron without eating meat, that is the tricky part with mostly eating vegetarian food. It is easy to get enough protein as a vegetarian but iron is so difficult. If any of you have any good tips, please comment :)

Update: Sorry for all the weird words in the text before, I wrote this from my iphone so auto correct replaced some of the words. But it is fixed now :)

Vegan fresh recipe wrap rolls vegetarian

Vegan wraps recipe

Vietnamese Spring Rolls with Crispy Tofu vegan spring rolls recipeVietnamese Spring Rolls with Crispy Tofu recipe

smoothie recipe summer smoothies peach mango

Peach & Mango smoothie recipe

Strawberry Swirl Breakfast Ice Cream vegan vegetarian recipe

Strawberry swirl breakfast “ice cream” recipe

kale salad

Kale salad with peanut butter dressing recipe

greek chicken salad

Greek chicken salad recipe

vegetarian taco salad vegan

Vegetarian taco salad recipe

Green tea smoothie recipe

kale salad vegan vegetarian

Kale vegan ceasar salad recipe

mandarin chicken salad veggies recipe

Mandarin, spinach and chicken salad recipe

chia pancakes peanut butter sauce vegan recipe

Vegan chia pancakes

thai green curry vegan vegetarian recipe

Vegetarian green curry recipe

raw food almond cashew nut vegan bites

Almond & cashew bites recipes

black bean quinoa bowl vinaigrette vegan vegetarian

Veggie and quinoa bowl recipe

glowing skin smoothie recipes vegetarian superfoods

Glowing skin smoothie with raspberries recipe

sugar free cheesecake recipe vegan

Sugar free vegan cheesecake recipe


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