louise adolphson givenchy antigona dream bag
I think we all have that one item (or several) that in hindsight we really wish that be bought when we had the chance. That dream bag, perfect pair of shoes or absolutely stunning dress that you just didn’t splurge on.

For me it is this bag from Givenchy, the smooth leather Antigona bag in the perfect beige color. Back then in 2013 was “only” 1050£, now I think it is around 1500£ so quite a steep price rise. Also Harrods where I tried it on (picture above) had a 10% price off of everything for members. I was so close at buying it but then I thought since it is beige it might get ruined quickly.
Oh do I regret this now afterwards, the years after I have just lusted after this bag and now it’s not even sold anymore and the price is way higher. So yeah, that is a real bummer.
Do you have any item you regret not buying?



  1. Frida
    29/08/2016 / 09:50

    Älskar också den väskan så himla läcker önskar man hade råd ;-)

  2. LILLY
    29/08/2016 / 01:11

    Love your IG feed and I just found your blog and its so pretty!

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