adriana lima fur äkta päls fusk pälsTonight the temperature hit 0 and now the Swedish fall (more like other countries winter weather) is really here. I took a late walk to the grocery store and the air was so crisp and icy, burr!
Thank god we have chic fall and winter fashion to dive into when the weather gets rough and cold. So I thought I would do a little mood board to get inspired from while going winter shopping, regardless if you prefer fake, recycled or real fur, it is a great look for this season.

And right now I am totally dreaming about that pink Chanel bag and pink coat from an old editorial featuring Adriana Lima! It can of gives me SATC vibes, something that Carrie would have worn. Btw, is it only me that still misses that show? I haven’t watch it in maybe 1-2 years because I watched it too much but now I miss it. I wished they would have done more series before so there would have been more to watch after the ended the series.

fur season winter chic fall winter 2015 winter clothes trends ideas fake fur real fur fusk päls äkta päls


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