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I have never been a fan to be honest. I have during the years found that applying creamy products with brushes gives a very unnatural result.
However when I tried Real Techniques base brush I was surprised that it worked so well, even though the brush hairs were quite thick and non flexible.
I liked applying foundation with a brush ONLY if I have used concealer underneath the foundation, for example if I have to cover up dark circles or a blemish. Otherwise I believe using the warmth from your fingers to work in the foundation in the skin is way better or of course (!) using a beauty blender.


When I saw BareMinerals Buffing Brush online I was intrigued to say the least. The buffing brush was developed to match bareminerals blemish remedy foundation (which I have not tried). It is developed to give an extra smooth finish and with the round and puffy brush make it easier to apply the foundation evenly.

I was blow away yesterday. I applied the same foundation I have been using for a while now, Sensai Flush Finish. A very creamy, light and moisturizing foundation, which is normally perfect to apply with the fingers and impossible to make it look good with a brush, because it is so light in the consistence. However with this brush I got the most perfect finish I have ever seen, I was in awe in front of the mirror looking at how good the base looked after applying it with the brush. It looked so even and the foundation was so well blended. I can’t wait to try with brush to “bake in” a contour look, I will do that this weekend and show you dolls. I don’t say this often as you now I am extremely picky and don’t easily praise products but if you are going to buy just ONE brush, buy this one



  1. 11/11/2015 / 09:19

    Nice article, thanks for your guide, it’s helpful to me :)

  2. Isabelle
    11/11/2015 / 06:26

    Hej Louise,

    Har du provat microneedle theraphy eller känner någon som har gjort det? Är det en behandlingsform som du rekommenderar?


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