On Friday evening me and my friend Nevila went for dinner at the American inspired steak restaurant CUT at the 45 Park Lane hotel. I have heard a lot about the restaurant in the past from friends in London but never tried it myself so I really looked forward to try it! The restaurant is well know for their steaks and meat but they also have a large selection of starters and lot of fish and seafood on the menu.

Mayfair is one of my favourite parts of London and most of my favourite restaurants are located there. I love the chic interior at the 45 hotel lobby and the restaurant, it is minimalistic, modern but yet luxurious. I was so sad that I did not have my professional camera with me at this occasion but I hope these photos can give you a little hint of how nice the evening was :)

For starters I had the black truffle risotto. I love risotto and I love cooking risotto myself so this was a must for me to order. I always try it whenever a resturants have it on the menu. Nevila had a salad with blue cheese and champagne vinegrette.

Our lovely waiter with the meat selection! I did not feel like having meat that evening but Nevila tried it and said it was really good. So next time I visit I need to try something from the meat selection.

cut 45 park lane dinner

The main course!

Since I did not feel like having meat and I loved the risotto so much, I asked for another starter portion of it. Can you imagine how much I liked it then haha!? We also tried several of the side dishes. I love french fries and these fries were so good because they had sprinkled french herbs over them and the oven baked veggies were so yummie. I love cooking vegetables in the oven with spices so i love them I can have that at restaurants too, it is not soo common as a side dish after all! We also had tempura fried onion rings and creamed spinach on the side.

First we had Bellinis and after that we had rosé champagne to the main course and dessert, amazing combination.

As you might know I do not eat sugar very often anymore but I needed to try one of these desserts! The dessert selection was just to my liking, a lot of chocolates, caramels and quite heavy desserts. Since it is American themed resturant it suited the rest of the menu perfectly. I personally do not like very light desserts like sorbets or mousse, if I am going to have dessert I want a real dessett like a cake or ice cream.

I had the Chocolate Delice, it was a pastry with several layers of chocolate mousse, almond paste and chocolate/nougat cream on the top coated in milk chocolate and toasted almonds. And the ice cream and almond paste/marzipan crumbles on the side were so good. I love marzipan!  It was one of the best desserts I ever tried at a restaurant! Most restaurants only focus on the food and totally forget about the dessert menu.

Nevila had an incredible dark chocolate soufflé which were topped off with whipped cream and loads of chocolate sauce. Next time I visit I need to try the meat and that dessert!

When I go out for dinner I generally very, very picky, and not only with the taste of the food but also with the hygiene and how clean the restaurant is. Some restaurant can be at 5 star hotels and still not feel like a 5 star restaurant. However CUT definitely reached all my expectations in these aspects as well. So I am looking forward going back there sometime soon :)

I always get so many questions regarding tips for restaurants and bars in London, so if you are going to London definitely go to CUT for dinner :)

Jag skrev denna recension på engelska då jag har så pass många utländska läsare numera. Men om ni är i London och vill äta en riktigt fin middag så rekommenderar jag verkligen den här restaurangen. Jag är rätt så nojjig/kinkig när jag äter ute på restaurang att det inte bara ska vara gott utan även fräscht och hygeniskt. Och det var det på den här restaurangen vilket ger det en extra plus i kanten från mig :)


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