sick beautyHi dolls, just wanted to check in here and say I’m alive!
I’m really not feeling well and running low on energy. I’m gonna try and force myself to drink some more water with apple cider vinegar now and also some immune system boosting tea. It’s so annoying because a part of me feels creative and wanting to write here, but then I’m also feeling too drained and tired to do it. However I have a few posts I really want to do so will be posting a bit more tomorrow ♥

Also speaking of something totally different, this might sounds a bit weird but have any of you dolls been into or tried dream interpretation? Meaning finding out what your dreams really mean or what the subconscious is trying to tell you.
I’ve always been quite fascinated about it but I guess it would be quite difficult to know who is good and bad at interpreting dreams. It’s a grey zone, it’s not like fortune telling or things like that, but still it’s not exactly science that you can get a degree in hehe!




  1. Ivanka
    13/03/2017 / 01:57


    • Louise Adolphson
      13/03/2017 / 04:18

      Hahaha skrev på mobil (autocorrect), de ska stå “subconscious” :D

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