Hi babes!
I hope you all had a lovely Christmas, filled with lots of family, friends, amazing food and nice presents.
I spent a lot of time cooking and baking this Christmas, made saffroncake and also saffronmacarons with salted caramel filling (sooo yummie!). I also got some lovely pressies that I will show here on the blog maybe tomorrow if I have time.
Today I also managed to take a long walk with the family, something I haven’t done much lately. I need to get better and starting taking my daily powerwalks again. I don’t share much here on the blog but I have not been feeling so well for quite a while now, hence the lack of updates on the blog and a very low energy level.

My previous post is as most of you might have guessed based on my own experiences, without getting into much details I have given my all and put my faith in some people that really let me down and/or that only used me for their own selfish reasons. Weird enough this has only happened in Sweden and never in London with my friends there, I don’t know why though…
Anyway I no longer have energy for people that only take energy and never give any back, so I wanted to share my tips on how to deal with it if you feel the same. We all deserve to be surrounded by genuine people and true friends.But as the years go by you become better and better in sensing who is genuine and who is not.
If you haven’t been a victim of fake people sometime during your life, then all I can say is you are very lucky and extra blessed ♥

On happier note, this week I got two amazing make up posts planned on how to look fab and glam on New Years eve. So stay tuned it will be up soon, xx Louise




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