bronze babe dusty pink and glamming blondesBlush pink, bronzing gold, dusty pink, shimmery white, nude bronze, dewy beige, the list of glam bronze colours can go on and on. This seasons hottest trend is without a doubt nude colours, but when it comes to clothing and make up. This style have been my favoruite for many years and it is nice to see my personal favourite style becoming so poopular. I would consider myself as a bronzing pro haha. I have been doing self tanning, spray tanning and trying out bronzing products for about 12 years now so being a bronze pro is a understatement (hehe!) ;) I get my bronz beauty inspiration from celebs like Jennifer Lopez that is the queen of a bronzed face and body.

But look no futher, I have gathered some of the coolest, hottest and best bronzing products to choose from this summer. I focused on face products this time, but later on I will do a body product special as well as a lip gloss special :)
bronze babeLet’s start listing the products! I did my best and try to add links of where to buy all of the products.
Sleek face contour kit in light (Bought it at boots)
Clarins cream eyeshadow Ombre Iridescente nude beige 01
Une BB cream tan enhancer bronzer for face and decollete
Duwop angel washes / heavenly tints
L’oréal Glam Bronze bronzing powder La Terra 01
Essie nailpolish Tea&Crumpets
L’oréal paris Glam bronze powder 101
L’oréal Paris shimmer eyeshadows in lumiere 502 and nude 206
Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Duality inMatte Camille & Sand Shimmer
Duwop Mattillume powder, shimmery powder in colour “lighter”
L’oréal Paris Glam Bronze GG Cream
St Tropez Instant Tan For body and face
Sensai Bronzing gel
Maybelline Color 24hour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in color “On and on bronze”
Bare Minerals Faux tan for face

Here are some closeups and comments
bronze babe glamFrom left to right, L’oréal Glam bronze cream, Sensai bronzing gel, L’oréal Glam Bronze La Terra powder, L’oréal Paris glam bronze in 101, Sleek contour kit.
I love this bronzing gel from sensai, use it instead of foundation in the summer for a glowing finish and some added colour. It also have some SPF but very low, so I would recommend to start with a moistuirizer or booster with a higher amount of SPF and then use the sensai bronzing gel. It is perfect when you wish to elliminate those fine lines that can appear while wearing thick foundation in the summer heat. Heat and sun have it’s way of making fine lines just pop up all over the face when the skin gets warm and dry. It comes in two colours, amber bronze which have a more red undertone and copper bronze more golden/yellow undertone. You can read more about it here on Sensais website.

une bb bronzer
Une BB cream tan enhancer bronzer for face and decollete
Perfect for the collarbones, cheekbones. Or over use a lightly soaked beauty blender and damp the products on top of the breast if you are wearing a top or dress what shows a bit of cleavage, it will for sure make the look glow a bit extra!

Clarins cream eyeshadow Ombre Iridescente 01
Clarins cream eyeshadow Ombre Iridescente nude beige 01
Stunning blush pink shimmery eyeshadow, combine this eyeshadow with superlong individual false lashes and bronzed skin!

In the background you can also see the Anastasia brow pen “Brow duality”.
It is the perfect product to carry with you this summer, it fits in the smallest bags but can be used in so many differen ways. This product is amazing to contour the face, I use the matte side around the lips and the shimmery side of the pen underneath my eyebrows, on the top of my nose and on my cheekbones. And I add a little bit of the shimmery side in the middle of my lips for a look of added volume. See this post.

Duwop heavenly tints Peach
Duwop heavenly tints in colour Peach. It comes in 3 different colours though. This one is more dark dusty pink, the other are more golden. See here.

Maybelline Color 24hour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in color On and on bronze
Maybelline Color 24hour Tattoo cream eyeshadow in color “On and on bronze”

L'oréal Paris shimmer eyeshadows in lumiere 502 nude 206
L’oréal Paris shimmer eyeshadows in lumiere 502 and nude 206 – The nude colour is perfect for under the eyebrow and the other lumiere colour is so divine. The perfect bronze shadow.

duwop bronze powder
Duwop Mattillume powder, shimmery powder in colour “lighter”. I love this powder, it gives a natural shimmer effect, the lighter side is perfect for highlighing the face and the darker side for the cheekbones.

Essie nailpolish Tea&Crumpets
Essie nailpolish Tea&Crumpets – The perfect bronze nail polish when you are tanned. It gives good coverage as well so one or two coats are more than enough. Sooo gorgeous, this one will def be my summer favourite!

Hope you enjoyed my bronzed face product guide, xx Louise


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