loreal blow dry cream the blow dry guide how to blow dry your hair like a pro by louise adolphsonHi dolls, it is time for another guide – blow drying your hair at home!

I prefer to keep my hair straight since my hair is quite flat (not a lot of volume since it’s sooo long) and it’s naturally a bit wavy. My best hair tip is really to let your hair dry naturally and never blow dry it. But sometime when you want to look ultra fab and give your hair that glam look it is good to know how to pull it off at home!
So I thought I would share my best blow dry tips;

Take your hair quality into consideration – First of all it is important not to use a hair mask in your roots in case you have typical Scandinavian hair, which means you have more hair in total but every hair is thinner and more sensitive towards products because it can make the hair appear flat, less voluminous and it can also be difficult to style. I’ve heard that Mediterranean hair as well as middle eastern and south American hair get the best results of a blow dry since every hair is thicker so it is easier to style and make the results last longer.
So it is important to pick a blow dry style that suits your individual hair quality and hair style!
For example, shorter to medium long hair is easier to style and make it last throughout the day, especially while trying to make the curls last. While long hair will usually fade out and become straighter after some time. I would recommend women with longer hair to focus on the front and the ends, make the ends curly but leave the back and top of the hair quite flat to avoid disappointed after a few hours or use heating rolls as these last longer.

Always rise out the conditioner – Regardless of your hair type always rise you hair for a extra 1-5 minutes after applying conditioner. Leaving conditioner in your hair will leave a lot of residue, which will ruin your blow dry since it will weigh your hair down.

Let your hair naturally dry a little bit before blow drying – This is just to try and save your hair from further damage and not something a hair stylist maybe would recommend. But it is very bad for the hair to start brushing and pulling your hair when it is soaking wet, let it dry a bit before starting. If you want to style it straight away use hair rollers instead!

Use heat protector & blow drying cream - I know that this can for some sound very obvious, but do invest in a good heat protecting spray. It is important to choose a product that is superlight and does not weigh the hair down.
I love the blow dry cream from L’oréal profesionnel, John Frieda soft hold hair spray and L’oréal elnett hair spray. I also love the Pureology’s Colour fantatic spray.

Skip terrycloth towels – Harsh towels can actually damage your hair, be careful not to rub your hair with a towel that is not supersoft or twist it up in a bun on your hair (this is the worst!!). Instead use a old tshirt to remove excess water. The tshirt fabric is much softer and will leave your hair less frizzy and with a silkier feel while blow drying it.

the blow dry guide how to blow dry your hair like a pro by louise adolphson

Divide your hair into sections – The most common mistake while blow drying is to not divide your hair into section. Invest in a kit with ergonomic hair clippers (you can find this cheap in your local drug/beauty store) and at least divide your hair into three to four layers depending how thick your hair is. But I would recommend making a small bun of your top layer, two separate clips on each side or your hair and one in the back.

the blow dry guide how to blow dry your hair like a pro by louise adolphson

Use a soft hair spray -
Using a hair spray will actually work against your hair. A blow dry is very different from a formal hair coiffure (håruppsättning på svenska). It is meant to give the hair a volume boost, some soft curls, shine but most of all the hair still is suppose to be soft and flowly. So make sure you use a light hold hair spray that gives you hair some shine and just a little bit of hold.

Invest in good tools - You need a good blow drier with cooling effect and heat control, a fine comb with a pointy tip to divide the hair and good quality a round brush. The blow drier needs to have a thin nozzle otherwise it wont work and it will damage your hair!
However I prefer to use this type of round brush with it a brush and dryer in one! So much easier and better than doing it the old fashion way with a round brush to be honest. At least try this first if you are new with doing your own hair or trying to learn how to blow dry at home, then when you have worked up your skills do it the old fashioned way.

However a big warning comes with these tools, I tried a round brush once and it tangled up my hair so badly even though my hair was 1. dry and 2. perfectly combed, I ended up having to CUT off that entire piece of hair. It was a very sad story but thank god it was not in the front. So I prefer the babyliss tool over the regular comb.

Try hair rollers - If you love fabulous, big bouncy curls you need to try heating rolls. This is really the way to good and it is much easier than working with a blow dry nozzle to be fair. No arm pain what so ever (every woman that tried blow drying your own hair knows the feeling after 20 min…). I love nicky clarkes (I got them from Boots) but I also have heated rollers from Babylyss.
All the same tips still apply, use a heat protector, invest in good hair rollers, divide your hair into several layers and then let them set. I love this because I can do my make up while I wait for the rollers to cool off. If you want a extra good effect heat the rollers a bit extra with your hair dryer, let them set for maybe 20 minutes, then blow for a couple of minutes with the cooling effect on the hair dryer. This will make the curls last longer and finish of with soft hold hair spray!

the blow dry guide how to blow dry your hair like a pro by louise adolphson


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