clarins self tanning bare minerals faux tan body loreal sublime bronze self tanning product guideSelf tanning products, a absolute must for us more fair skinned during fall and winter (or all year around if you are like me). I can’t stress enough how important it is to choose the correct self tanning product for your skin type and skin tone. Some products have a bit more “power” and makes the color more intense while other just give you a subtle, sun kissed look. Currently I am more into the natural looking fake tan, but a few years ago I went nuts and did regular spray-tanning that made it look like I lived in the Caribbean for a year or two. Or actually it looked like I was from South America and totally not Swedish!

These are my current favorite self tanning products for a natural and nice color;

If you want to build up a darker self tan or don’t have the time to apply self tanning several days in a row and just want a quick and nice coat of color, I would defitinly recommend the amazing Faux Tan Body by Bare Minerals. The lotion is bronzed so it is easy to see where you applied the cream, however the consistence of the cream is quite tricky to get even so make sure you apply it quickly before it dries as otherwise it is a nightmare to get perfectly even. But when you get the hang of it, this gives an amazing and natural self tan color. You can also use this a few times a week to get a darker color if you wish.
There is also a Faux Tan Face from BareMinerals. It is much easier to apply than the body cream since it got more of a gel formula. It does not smell horrible and it dries fairly quickly. I like using this product instead of foundation as well. It is perfect to put on a coat before going to bed and the next day you have a fresh glow and no needed for a lot of base products, perhaps just a bit tinted moisturizer to top off the glow!

If you want a super easy product to apply that gives a incredible natural result go for L’oréal Sublime bronze milk. It is almost impossible not to get it even as the milk formula is so smooth and moist. The result is very natural and it does not give A LOT of color, so if you want a darker color apply it for a few days. I have applied maybe 3-4 days in a row now and I am pretty much the same color now as just 1 coat of Bare minerals faux tan body. So that gives you an idea of the difference of these two products.

If you want a bronze glow that it’s not too dark or not too light, then Clarins self tanning gel is amazing! It is enough to just use once or use it everyday 3d day for a nice glow. Since it is not so dark it fades very naturally and it is perfect to use in your skin care routine during the winter if you like to look to have a nice, bronzed glow.


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