Over the years I have tried countless amounts of different lip balms. I have also studied which ingredients are the best and most natural, after all, while wearing lip gloss, lipstick and lip balm it is impossiblenot to swallow it from time to time.
Just imagine how much lip gloss you actually get in your mouth while kissing (yeah and the guy of course). There have been several articles over the years, one particularly famous from Glamour, stating that a woman will swallow up to 7 pounds of lipsticks over the course of a lifetime.
I do think that is a bit over exaggerated but the bottom line is that every woman wearing lipstick and lipgloss will swallow a whole chunk of it over the years.

Swallow lip gloss for real!?

Majority of the lip products on the market are not tested to be swallow or safe to swallow, neither have they gone through studies of how the harsh ingredients and chemicals affect the body if swallowed. Whenever you apply a cosmetic product on your skin it will be absorbed into your blood stream within one minute, this is not a lie and I will try and link to the source/proof of this later.

I’m trying to watch what I put on my skin more and more, for example I avoid foaming shower gels that smell super lovely and have a cool color. These usually contain an awful amount of chemicals. I try and only use all natural tea tree shampoo unless I’m reviewing products then I will try others. And most importunately, I have banned all lip products that contain petroleum.

Petroleum, like something you put in the car?

Yes kinda of. Petroleum, petroleum jelly or Petrolatum as it may also say on the packaging is slammed to be toxic, a carcinogen and can contain polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAH).
The EPA states the following – “created when products like coal, oil, gas, and garbage are burned but the burning process is not complete.” The concern is that those chemicals, found in contaminated petrolatum, have indeed been found to “cause tumors in laboratory animals that were exposed to PAHs through their food, from breathing contaminated air, and when it was applied to their skin. When pregnant mice ate high doses of a PAH (benzo(a)pyrene), they experienced reproductive problems. In addition, the offspring of the pregnant mice showed birth defects and a decrease in their body weight.” These effects, however, have not been seen in humans, states the EPA.
Yeah not so lovely as that packaging of the pink lip balm you just considered buying right?
Apart from being toxic and nasty, petroleum containing lip balms usually contain other harsh ingredients as chemical fregrance, chemical dyes, mineral oil (try to avoid this in most products), parabens and Cinnimate, Avobenzone and Octinoxate, all ingredients to avoid!

Petroleum based lip balms will not moisturize the lips, instead it will just create a plastic film over the lips making them appear moist but underneath it the lips will become more and more dry. Caremex or vaseline are two hideous products containing this to name some examples!

The European Union has even banned Petrolatum in beauty products, but as I understood it is still unclear if the FDA have acted on this as well.
Regardless dolls, stay away from this and let’s use natural products.
body shop hemp lip balm best lip balm
My favorite, safe, all natural option

The Body Shops Hemp Lip Balm. This is THE BEST lip balm I have ever tried and I have been using it for years.
It makes the lips sooo soft, so moisturized and so kissable it is ridiculous. It is also affordable at a price of approx 8£/80SEK.
For a natural yet defined look I love to use first a lip liner in a color matching my own lip tone, here you need to try different options to find the right shade for you but I like Kylie Cosmetics in Koko K or Sephora’s lipliner in 13 Pink Beige. The I use lost of this lip balm on top of it and my lips look slightly bigger but oh so natural.



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  1. Annika
    07/10/2016 / 10:10

    Tack för tipset, måste skaffa den! Vilket schampo och balsam använder du?

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