louise adolphson bloggHi my darlings!
I decided to change things up a bit here on the blog with a photo that matches my theme way better than the previous one. I do like the pic where I’m smiling because I think it represents who I am, so I might do my edit of it and change it. I would say I’m a very bubbly, chatty and funny person, not at all stiff like some bloggers are that never smiles in real life and just give people the side eye if they think someone dressed the wrong way haha!
This week it was fashion week in Stockholm, I have not attended fashion week for many years since 1. my blog is mainly a beauty, glam and make up blog now (I blogged about fashion more before) and 2 I lived in London for many years!
But still my memories from the shows and parties are not the best. One of the reasons I dislike fashion parties so much is due to the fact that people are not talking to each other and the vibe is sooo serious.
Unless you are defined as “one of the cool kids” everybody will just give you the evil side eye and not talk to you. Like what is up with that?
I don’t judge people off their clothes, I do judge off how glam they are mohaha (just kidding!!).
I also feel a lot of these people that are into fashion or work in fashion have no make up sense what so ever, is it like it’s a faux pas and people judge you if you look all glam and dolled up.

Bloggers and people in the beauty industry are usually way more friendly, more talkative, welcoming and the vibe at beauty events are always so nice! So yeah, I like make up and beauty events and bloggers sooo much more.
So that is just my little insight from the world of blogging, xx Louise


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