powerwalking outfit ootd fitness

powerwalking outfit fitness work out clothes

powerwalking outfit fitness work out outfit ootd

Hi babes! Today I went for a 3 hour powerwalk and oh my gosh I am really knackered now! It will def be a very chilled night for me and just watch some movies and catch up with friends, no partying for sure. So I thought since summer is just around the corner, why not post an outfit post with work out clothes instead of normal clothes. To get some work out inspiration :D As you now I am not really a gym junkie and I would never start doing weights, but this summer I am going to start being more active than usual. All of you that have been reading my blog for a while now are surely familiar with my obsession of powerwalks, are the any of you guys that are into powerwalks too? :D

When I go powerwalking I obviously don’t want to wear boring or ugly work out clothes since I am not hiding in a gym somewhere, instead I’m out in public among loads of people so the work out gear is important in this case! Even though it is quite difficult to find chic work out clothes I do my best to try and find some decent pieces from different brands and online store. I have now managed to build a basic “work out wardrobe” but there is obviously room for more clothes hehe ;) My favourite pants (Not those in the picture though) are these ones from casall, they are like shapewear leggings and you look so slim and fit in them! ;) I have four pairs in different colours :D I am currently craving these crazy but cute work out pants from Nike! I am wearing trainers from Zara (similar ones can be found here), work out leggings from Nike, sports top from Casall and sportsjacket from Casall.


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