http://40.media.tumblr.com/124376425fe279910098b39e59f3bcbc/tumblr_nwd1s60N3w1seglc3o1_1280.jpgJust want to add a beauty alert on here, Wen hair care which has been promoted by several celebs and a leading hair stylist is causing serious hair loss and it now under a lot of heat it the US! Hundred of women have now filed law suits against the company for causing hair loss and effecting these womens lives.
I am not sure if I have tried this brand and I am really scared since that I might have in the past. I try so many different products as beauty blogger and my mother always told me that I try so many product that surely some of them most be bad, some of you may remember revita lash and lash growing serums, the horror it was to discover they were dangerous and I had been using them for years!

Wen haircare is available around the world and even in Sweden. If you have these products do not use them!! They are dangerous and it is just a matter of time with all these serious side effects and law suits before this brand will be banned.

You can find more information about it and the report here. Also here is the US website and here is the Swedish website so you can identify the products; Wenhaircare.se

wen hair care warning hair loss dangerous


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