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Okay so the internet is about to break (Kim K hint hehe) after all this Victoria Secret Fashion Show Madness in London. I remember when I was younger and was obsessed with being skinny. I use to watch the show religiously, I adooored Gisele Bundchen and Naomi Campbell. To me these were the real supermodels, the real deal. They made the show, not the other way around. Just watch this clip and compare it with todays show…

I don’t think the models are of the same standard as before, sorry to say it, but the models today are starving-skinny-need to look chic- fashion runway models. These models are not lingerie models (exception for Adriana Lima, Doutzen Kroes and Alessandra Ambrosio). I am not impressed what so ever in seeing models that reminds me of anorexia trying to look sexy with their bones about to pop out. The only thing that is suppose to pop out in nice lingerie is your butt or boobs, not bones… At least Naomi, Heidi, Karolina Kurkova, Tyra Banks and Gisele were skinny but still sexy and had that extra wow factor. If you take away the make up artist, spraytanning, body make up, hair stylist and the rest of the glam team, these girls look just like any other skinny girl. Don’t get me wrong, all the girls in the Victoria Secret show are obviously pretty but I do not believe they are pretty enough to be put on some kind of pedestal. I think there are so many beautiful girls all around the world with gorgeous faces and features, so screw the idea of looking like a Victoria Secret.

I prefer women like Kim Kardashian with a big butt and a slim waist any day of the week. What I dislike most about this show and the brand is that they sell underwear to curvy women but they never use any curvy women in their ads. It is nothing wrong to be naturally skinny, but it would be nice to see a mix of curvy and skinny women. I would love to see women like Fanny Neguesha, Kate Upton, Irina Shayk, Jennifer Lopez or Kim Kardashian (the list can go on and on) modelling for Victoria Secret, at least in their ads. Now THAT would be something to look forward to.

The show is fun to watch on TV but this is all just a big pr campaign that is working like a charm, year after year. Every year the show creates an enormous buzz around it and magazines will for free write article after article appraising the models, how do they prepare for the show, how they diet and what lipgloss they wore this year etc etc. Interestingly this article highlights a different perspective of the show.

One must remember that this event is also a very negative one, causing a lot of anxiety for girls all around the world. When a lot of young girls in their teens (and maybe women too) watch the show and afterwards look in the mirror and feel bad about themselves, thinking that they will never be as pretty as a VS model and that this is the only way too look to be considered beautiful.
I think it is slightly disgusting how the fashion industry just can get away with using one type of body. It feels like body racism to be fair.

But it is cool, because the big trend right now thanks to Kim K, Jennifer Lopez, Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj is to be curvy. I have been just as skinny as the models on these photos and I choose curvy everyday of the week.
So I am just going to quote what Jennifer Lopez said when she was interviewed about her song Booty – “What Can I say, it is our time now”. It’s the year of the booty ;)



  1. 04/12/2014 / 08:18

    Amen to that! Fasen vad skönt att läsa ett sånt här inlägg! Har surfat runt på massa bloggar idag och igår som bara hyllar VS Fashion show som att det vore det bästa i världen och jag har samma åsikt som du så det blir lite tröttsamt.

  2. 05/12/2014 / 04:32


    Så trött jag är på denna jävla show varenda år! Less på alla bloggare som lägger upp 40 bilder på rad och ba “åååh inspiration!” och jag känner bara: inspiration till vad?! Att köpa nya underkläder? Att svälta sig? Att gå på powerwalk i 7 timmar? Köpa löshår för 5 000 kr?

    Nej jag fattar inte vad som skulle vara så inspirerande! Jag inspireras mycket mer av att läsa eller titta på intervjuer av vettiga kända kvinnor som PRATAR och faktiskt förmedlar ett inspirerande budskap.Har du sett Lena Dunham på Skavlan? Han kommenterar att hon är modig som är naken så ofta i serien Girls och hon ba ställer honom mot väggen och säger att det är en förolämpning förklädd till komplimang, då han aldrig hade kallat en smal/”perfekt” kvinna för “modig” som visar sig naken på TV. Där snackar vi inspirerande! :)

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