velvet chairsChairs from Claude Cartier.

Velvet furniture has become this huge interior trend during the last year or so. From sofas and puffs to now dining room chairs, Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram is literally overflowing with gorgeous photos of dining tables surrounded by smooth velvet chairs giving the room a more cosy feeling. Personally I have a hate/love towards velvet, velvet clothes I cannot stand however velvet interior I do love when it comes to headboards and also chairs.
But it all depends on the execution of the design and what colors are used. I prefer cool toned colors with this material as it gives it a more luxurious feeling.

From the beginning it was only high end furniture companies like (Gubi with their beetle chair) that provided velvet chairs and sofas but now several more affordable retailers has followed and now it’s totally affordable and possible to decorate your home with velvet furniture. I’ve picked out a few of my favorites below, each items retailed at a price lower than 1500 kronor (approx 150£).

sammets stolar1. Nimara // 2. Housebox // 3. Åhlens //4. Nimara


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  1. Camilla
    20/02/2018 / 09:56

    Gorgeous I want the green ones

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