Once upon a time I use to be quite amazing at making macarons, I practiced and I practiced. But then I guess other things than baking came up and took away most of my time. I do however, on occasion, love to bake and especially macarons.
So for Christmas and NYE I decided to give my old faithful macarons recipe a try and along the line I even found a better recipe which I will share with you all today.
I also discovered the importance of always using powder flavor and gel colours, and never too much liquid color. I added the Swedish words after in the recipe flr my Swedish readers ♥

French macaron recipe for approx 20-22 macarons with filling

130 grams of Almond flour (mandelmjöl)
130 grams of Powder sugar (florsocker)
45 grams of castor sugar (strösocker)
100 grams of aged egg whites (äggvitor)
1 teaspoon of pure vanilla powder (not vanilla sugar or “vaniljsocker”)
Do not exceed 1-2 teaspoons of powder/gel/liquid for flavors or/and color into the batter

This filling is so easy and simple it’s silly! Mix half a yar of high quality raspberry jam together with maybe 1-2 deciliter of room temperature warm Nutella. Mix it together and pour it in a piping bag to fill the macarons. I also added just a pinch of vanilla powder into this, which gave it a lovely vanilla touch to it!

Temperature for the oven 150-170 Celcius degrees in a approx 10-12 min. Here you have to go a bit on the feeling on how warm you oven gets. If you know you’re oven might get really warm then put it in 150 degrees. I recommend that you instead of making all the macarons on 1-2 trays maybe do 3-4 trays and use the first tray as a “test” to see how you oven works for macarons. In that way you havent ruined all of your macarons if the first one is a bit off.

For how to make the macarons I actually recommend that you go on youtube and watch tutorial on “How to make french macarons”. I can describe the folding technique and how to whisk the meringue, but the best way to learn is to watch it.

But a few important steps to think about
– For example when you add the sugar into the egg whites, the egg whites should already be whisked so much that it leaves traces before you add any sugar into the mix.
– Make sure you blend the almond flower and powder sugar together properly before adding into the meringue batter.
– Add the flavor and coloring before you add the almond/sugar mix
– Make the macarons rest on the trays for a least 30 to 60 min before baking them in the oven. The macarons should have developed a “skin” before baking.
This is of outmost importance and to learn this like I did, just watch a tones of videos but follow this recipe for the measurements ♥

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