afternoon tea style

Hi dolls!
This has been my longest blog break for a really long time, 6 whole days.
It’s a lot going on in my life and my health is not the best to be honest, I might get share more in a separate post later this week. My second degree burn has finally healed now but it is still pink the area. Thank god it’s flat and you can’t even see the edges of the huge burn (a part from the change of pigment) and now I’m in research mode, trying to figure out what creams or oils to use to soften the area but make it brighter. I just want to try and get rid of the pink color asap while the scar is still in it’s healing process.
After about a year it is too late!

Right now I’m missing London so much, the lovely restaurants, the bars, the shopping, the lovely afternoon tea places but most of all my friends there.
I’m so fed up with the bars in Stockholm since so many people tend to get way to drunk.
I avoid nightclubs most of the time because I don’t drink much so why go to a nightclub then. Lately I tried going to bars but I realized the only way to go to a bar in Stockholm and not get approached by sleazy guys is by either 1 having a male friend with you or 2 having a BF that goes out with you.
What has the world come to that you cannot go out with your girlfriends to have a drink without getting approached by annoying!?

Stuff like this just does not happen when you go out in Mayfair or Knightsbridge.
Most (I say most because there are always exceptions and weirdos everywhere) of the time when you go to a classy bar in Mayfair/Chelsea/knightsbridge people don’t get really drunk, men don’t act that sleazy and leave you alone.  Nightclubs are a different story however.
I’m thinking of booking a trip to London sometime soon and making a big London guide for the blog, wouldn’t that be a fun blog post/reportage!?

The only thing that’s slightly putting me off blogging sometimes is the fact that it’s so hard to connect with all of you readers, I can’t see how many people have “liked” my post or commented.
I just see the numbers and see so many people reading every day but I don’t know what you like to read about the most or what you dolls prefer? More beauty? More reviews? Tutorials? Beauty treatments reportage? I would LOVE to hear what you would want me to write more about ♥♥♥♥♥♥




  1. Olivia
    06/12/2016 / 12:01

    Älskar din blog! Vorre jue underbart om du skulle skriva mer om skönhet smink,hud,hår etc. Ps du är så galet vacker! :)

  2. Johanna
    06/12/2016 / 05:03

    Hej! Tänkte åka till London strax så lite tips vore jätte kul. Du verkar ha väldigt bra koll på bra ställen där. Restauranger, barer mm : )

  3. R
    06/12/2016 / 07:56

    Hay sweetheart,

    would love to see more outfit-posts from you!
    Ive been reading you Blog for ages now haha really like where it gets you – kind of cozy/dreamy :)


  4. Lovisa
    06/12/2016 / 10:15

    Ser gärna mer skönhet och lifestyletips! Gärna video-tutorial :) behöver inte alls vara super flashig utan mer fokus på att vara enkel och personlig.

  5. Sara
    07/12/2016 / 03:29

    Gör smink/ hudvårds tutorials

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