Louise adolphson perfect eye make up bronze brown loreal la palette nude

Photo: Armand Dommer Hair styling: Sofia/Ljusberg Olsson

I would like to call this my “signature look”, because I am obsessed with it.
When my make up looks like this and I got my hair done H♥ calls it “the glitz and glam”!? Hahah!
I swear that most of the instagram “make up community” would rate that as the best compliment one could get.
But you know guys like natural stuff (ugh boring!). I think I will have to do a tutorial of the classic make up look that guys like, natural base, natural eyes and natural lips, the “no make up-make up look”.
Anyway back to this look! Now I am going to share some of my best kept make up secrets (hehe!)

How to make the eyeliner look fairly natural but still showing?
My trick for making the eyeliner look more natural is to first apply the eye shadow primer, then the eyeliner and then quikly apply a medium to dark shade of eyeshadow over the eyeliner and then blend out the eyeshadow with a lighter shade over the entire lid.
If you blend it out to much by mistake just apply some more dark eyeshadow over the eyeliner to enhance the line a bit more.

How to make the individual lashes blend in with you own?
Oh this seems to be a real tricky one for a lot of dolls out there, even for professionals and beauty blogger. But worry no more, after these tricks you will have this locked down.
Step 1 curl the lashes and apply the mascara using the classic zick zack method, however DO NOT overdo this, it is outmost important than your own lashes do not get any clumps, to much volume or spider looking lashes. And do not forget to brush the lashes from above as well so the entire lash is covered in mascara. Finish off gently brushing the mascara upwards to make the lashes look defined. Let it set for about 5 minutes before applying the lashes.
My tip is to do your base make up at this stage, that’s what I always do anyways.

Now to key thing…. Use a very small and sharp eyeshadow brush or eyeliner brush, for example something like this, then dip it in black eyeshadow and tap it on the bathroom sink to remove excess powder. Then you gentle dap the eyeshadow onto the roots of you lashes, the eyeshadow should be applied all over the roots covering the eyeliner and also a bit of the mascara. Wiggle the brush in between you lashes so not lighter spots are left. Do this before you apply the false lashes because after you have applied then you are not suppose to wiggle them and skip the mascara afterwards! However you can gentle dap a bit of extra black eyeshadow to cover up the lash glue, as you can see in the photo above you can’t see the glue and that’s because of the black eye shadow.

Also never forget to squeeze out a bit of glue on a cotton pad and let it sit for about 5 min before you starting “dipping” the false lashes into the glue. I also do this at the same time as I let my mascara dry.
Then you place the individual lashes ON TOP of your own lashes. Never in between or to far up. They are suppose to placed at the same place as where you own lashes grows out. I know that many of us wants to fill out small gaps that we might have in our lashes, but unless you are planning to but individual lashes all over the lash line (like I have in this photo), it wont look natural. I am going to do a proper tutorial of this but I hope this might have helped some of you to get that perfect glitz and glam look *wink wink* Xx Louise

perfect eye make up bronze brown loreal la palette nude




  1. Frida
    24/03/2016 / 02:06

    Va snygg du är!!

  2. Johanna
    25/03/2016 / 10:47

    Så vackra bilder, du inspirerar

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