louis vuitton louise bag

Nicholas Ghenqieure has always been my favoruite bag designer and according to me one the same level as Hermes and Chanel (duh he created the stud bag for Balenciaga). He has totally reinvented the whole LV brand with his new handbag design, putting it on the map again after years in the shadows as the logo bags came to an end.

“In his discussions to join Vuitton, Ghesquière kept coming back to the house’s classics. Part of his pitch was to design a new kind of bag. “I wanted to make a clutch that would be functional for today’s woman.
It could be an evening bag or a little day bag, but one that carries the values of the brand,” says Ghesquière.
“The simplest idea was the reproduction—not the reduction—of the unique design of the iconic trunks of Vuitton.” He came up with a proposal for a miniature trunk—boxy and heavy with hardware—with a thin leather strap.”

- Nicholas on his vision while joining Louis Vuitton. Full article here.

And quite recently the genius created the most beautiful bag and named it Louise. I mean could it be more perfect!?! To say I am in love is an understatement.
louis vuitton louise bag


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