voluspa-ceramic-candle-ambre_1The most luxurious scent – Voluspa Ambre Lumiere

I still remember the first time I got to smell the scent Ambre Lumiere. It was in end of 2010 when I was briefly dating a guy and he sent me flowers and a collection of scented candles for my birthday. That fling didnt last because of me (maybe I should have thought twice when he had such good taste lol!!) but my love for the candles he gave me sure did.
I had never heard of Ambre Lumiere before since it’s one of Voluspa less known scents, everyone have probably heard of crisp champagne and maybe peach or macaron, but Ambre Lumiere was totally unheard of at least for me.
voluspa 1It is still to this day after being somewhat of a scented candle connoisseur’s for the last 12-14 years, the most luxurious and high end scent I have ever come across. Better than Jo Malone you are probably thinking right now, well I have not tried all of Jo Malone and though they are certainly very high end in their packaging. My fave is still ambre lumiere. Jo Malone have a more aesthetic design though.

If you want to spoil yourself and your home, or someone you love that needs to luxury in their life. You should get them this one.

ambre lumiere voluspa


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