taupe nude nails gel polish Currently I am obsessed with taupe/beige nails. It’s more eye catching than lighter shades of beige/nude but still classic and elegant. I am so happy I got this as a gel color so I can do my nails in this color whenever I feel like it.
I use to go to salons to do my nails before but I do not feel there are any salons that follow the correct hygienic rules and precautions so I stopped going to salons both for manis and pedis completely.
Salons especially in Sweden spreads so many diseases because they use the same tools on several customers which is banned in other countries, they also don’t use a autoclave which is a machine which makes the tools sterilize like cuticle tools etc.
I just find it too gross nowadays plus I am a real pro at doing nails anyways ;)

taupe nude nails gel polish


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  1. Sara
    18/12/2015 / 08:12

    Vilken gel kit/märke använder du?

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