Swedish or english?


You can imagine my surprise when I’ve been go for so long and I check my stats and so many of you guys are still checking in here, while my maintenance page have been up and not updated for month :O
Truly stunned! I thought you would have all left ship by now haha ♥

I’ve decide to start updating my blog again because it was once my biggest passion and hobby, it made me truly happy to create posts and share inspiration posts with others. So I’m going to do this pressure free, my blog is not like a job like some people do with their blogs. It’s just going to try and remember the times when I started as a happy hobby I liked doing to keep myself inspired as well. So if I don’t update as much as I use to back in the days or do fashion photo shoots or collabs like other bloggers just know this is going to be a different kind of blog now.

The only thing I’m thinking about now is, should I still write in English or should I switch back to Swedish? :)
Please help me decide!

This will maybe sound silly but I love Guccis new packing so much I seriously just want the boxes haha!
Imagine this print on different boxes like a home-ware collection, ugh would be to die for.


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  1. Marie
    23/02/2018 / 04:19

    Även om alla i Sverige förstår engelska så blir det mer personligt på svenska även om ämnet i sig inte behöver vara personligt.

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