Ibiza-Hippie style

Photo: @MariaLitti

Hi babes! I am have been a bit mia here on the blog last few days, havent been feeling to well so just been at home resting and trying to get some reading done, just a 1000 more pages to go ugh.
So today I decided to start organizing my summer closet and put all my summer clothes in one of my sections (have a wardrobe wall) instead of the colour and item coordinated system I have right now. I am going to take a few more picks to show you guys before I started organizing everything again haha. I really recommend to sort your clothes after two simple steps, 1 the same items at the same place and 2 colour coordination. It helps so much when trying to figure out what to wear!
I am also thinking of doing a few fashion guides on what to wear this summer and where to shop. Xx Louise

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