Hi babes!
Have been so preoccupied the last couple of days with other things that I have not been in the inspiration state to blog a lot. Today I am finally going on one of my very loved powerwalks to get so peace of mind. It is not that I am out of shape or unhappy with how I am currently looking but I am going to get back into my powerwalking mode as much as possible. Even if I don’t work out in the gym I still like the time to clear my mind and staying healthy.
Are there any powerwalk-lover out there reading my blog?
I feel quite alone to be honest haha! Most of my friends work out either at the gym or at home or they live in another country so I don’t have many friends that loves to powerwalk. However I have made H♥ really open up to the concept so I love whenever he joins me!
I do like Stockholm in the summer time I can’t lie, it is very beautiful and perfect for ourdoor exercising, even though I don’t really have a lot of favorites places to go to, like I have in London!
There are just sooo many rooftop bars and decedant afternoon tea places that one simply can’t find here, which is just a shame!
I was thinking of putting together a proper London guide, would you dolls like that!?

Also I hope you love these inspiration photos, I sure do. I spend many hours finding the best photos and combining them together with the colours. I have a secret tumblr with over 30 000+ photos and I am constantly looking for the best photos. So you could say I am a tad “OCD” when it comes to my inspiration photos, they need to be the same width and they need to blend together. I absolutely despise instagram accounts that’s have so much going on or people that just posts too many selfies.

Xx Louise nailspink bronze eye make up tutorialtumblr_o7ukqzKrw91u54b7lo1_1280inspo 3tumblr_o1s0hhwPAc1tjn0b9o1_1280tumblr_o17lu2w1Pf1tok5f6o1_1280tumblr_o5h89r2a2s1s8qf3to1_1280tumblr_o1kx3nKJHK1r08l9jo1_1280
tumblr_o1lnkuNS661qdf6tgo1_1280tumblr_o44yapoPgs1tyr71uo1_1280 tumblr_nzqhf3uZrT1s3z6qqo1_1280tumblr_o3eez3vcpx1r9ged7o1_1280tumblr_o4t5f80Qev1tyr71uo1_1280 tumblr_nm8ytxx95s1qmnl72o1_1280 tumblr_nv79kgu6AL1tyr71uo1_1280 tumblr_np97sgY0WY1qees8xo1_1280 tumblr_o6dd8snm4T1s3fbp9o1_1280 inspo 8summer outfit inspiration inspo 2pink lambo lamborghini dubai 4



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  1. Liz
    01/06/2016 / 04:21

    Skulle älska en London-guide!! Ska snart åka dit o har (tyvärr) inte varit där på några år nu.. :)

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