strobing-sticks-maybelline smashbox

Smashbox LA Lights 240SEK/29$ – Maybelline Master Strobing Sticks 99SEK/10$

Strobing sticks aka know as highlighter in chubby sticks. I do love the idea and concept of this type of product, it is perfect for the top of the cheekbones but a bit too thick to use over the top of the lip or along the nose, but that can easily be fixed by using a pencil and swiping some product off the stick.

Both the Smashbox LA Lights stick and the Maybelline Strobing sticks are very creamy and nice to work with.
I must however say I feel the Smashbox stick is a bit more pigmented, but I have not tried the golden version of the Maybelline sticks. I have only tried the one with a bit more pink pigment.

Apart from the price difference the La Lights stick you can use both of the lips and cheeks while Maybelline’s version is meant for the face not lips. Both products are however very thin and when applying it be careful because it can wipe away the foundation you got underneath.
The Maybelline stick is stated to be Non-comedogenic, which means it is not suppose to clog pores.
I have really sensitive skin but I did not notice any major skin reaction afterwards which is always a plus.

I tried just applying the products by drawing lines with it, this did not work out perfectly.
For the maximum highlight effect I suggest chopped off a little bit with a spoon or knife, applying it to the back of your hand and letting the product get softer by dabbing the tip of a beauty blender and smearing it around. The body heat will soften the product and then apply it can dabbing it on with the beauty blender. This way you also keep the product more hygienic and the results streak free!


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