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Hi dolls!
In one month it is my 27th birthday and I usually reflect a lot before my birthday. I also make a major attempt to get in better shape before my bday.
This photo is from two days before my last bday and I felt that my body was in really good shape and now I want to get back at it. I havent been eating as often as I should, I had way too much sweets and just not been taking care of myself in regards to what I eat.
I eat maybe one real meal per day which is really bad, I know I know. So this month I’m going to dedicate totally to getting healthier! It is not that I have a bunch of weight I want to loose but I have 2 kg I would like to drop to be back at the weight I prefer. My weight has for a long time been between 53-56KG and I would say maybe 54 is where I think I look the best. When I weigh 53 or less I think I start to look to skinny and I don’t like that so much anymore.
Of course two kilos don’t really make a major different in appearance to be honest, it is more about how it feels inside. Any of you dolls know what I mean? My main focus is really just to boost my body to get healthier and I assume I might drop a kilo or two just by eating less sweets and trying to get my metabolism up and running again by eating more often.
So now I’m going to have a cinnamon bun and a cup of tea and start tomorrow hahaha! I havent had any candy for almost two weeks so I guess that is always a good warmup for my healthier month awaiting.


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